Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Remote-Controlled Snake Robot


What you get

Slither into the world of robotics by building a remote-controlled snake robot! Assemble and wire the electronics that drive the robot, customize it by adding a decorative skin of your choice, then try driving it through a maze! Read about how switches help your snake shimmy from side to side, then explore engineering solutions inspired by nature — from real-world snake robots to bullet trains. Ready to discover some sssensational ssscience?








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    May 4 2023

    My grandson was anxious to get started on the Snake Robot. He loves working on projects like this!


    Mar 27 2023

    This was one of the best kits we got so far, the others seem to break easily or hard to build, this was amazing


    Mar 18 2023

    It was a snake which was cool. Liked the interchangeable skins. You could give it the tires of a monster truck so it could go on rough terrain.


    Dec 29 2022

    Like all Kiwico stuff, this is right at the sweet spot of complex enough to be challenging and engaging and intuitive enough for my daughter to build entirely on her own. I love that the assembly doesn’t need any tools or fiddly little parts. The completed snake is adorable, it moves in a really zippy way, and my daughter loves that you can change the “skin” to give it three different looks. It’s really well designed and fun, a perfect rainy day/vacation activity.


    Nov 18 2022

    My grand son loved it. Opened it and worked on it non stop until finished


    Sep 27 2022

    My daughter had to put it away and hide it from my grandson, because he was so curious about it. They have to set aside time to assist him with it. He's only 6 but he's very academically advanced for his age. It was very hard ti decide what to choose. I'm on a budget but if I wasn't, I would have chosen at least four.

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