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Ages 6+

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Experience India with Anya and Milo! Use colored sand to make a fun and festive rangoli. Play Snakes & Ladders, a board game that's over 2,000 years old. Mix up some homemade henna and try your hand at some mehndi designs. Learn about yoga and then strike your best cobra. Wash it all down with a cool glass of mango lassi you made yourself!

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Aug 29 2020

5 year old loved the game. She has played it several times since we opened the box. Have not done the second project yet.

Jul 2 2020

Just overall so pleased with this crate. It's just the right amount of crafts, learning, and fun. And the addition of something like yoga with this crate got us all moving around. Seemed like a well-rounded crate overall.

Jan 19 2020

I absolutely love how the Atlas line is designed. My son wanted to switch from the tinker crate to atlas and was more than pleasantly surprised when he found out that not only would he learn about other countries, but he’d also get to do hands on activities!