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Ages 0+

Cricket Cuddle & Read Books Set


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Get your cuddle on (and build early literacy skills) with this plush-and-board book set starring everyone’s favorite cricket… Cricket! Build empathy and social-emotional intelligence while exploring the adventures of Cricket and her friends — as they find ways to stay together even when they’re far apart, as they explore strange new places, and more. Includes three board books, a huggable, lovable Cricket plush (featuring a fuzzy body, satin-y wings, and grabbable legs — perfect for exploring different textures), and parent tips for making the most of reading time.

Cricket Stuffie Dimensions: 2.75 inches (W) x 5.5 inches (H)

Materials: 100% Polyester

Care Instructions: Spot clean only

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Jul 9 2021

Lovely stories!

May 18 2021

Very nice box, the books cover 3 very important feelings in daily life for a child (missing friends, having to wait, and expectations around birthdays). I would have preferred a more "goodnight" oriented story to go with the cuddly plushie maybe, but these are good too, and the suggestions for parents on how to read them are pretty useful! The box was a bit difficult to open, the books and plushie all got stuck and were secured with wire, which seemed a bit overkill and unnecessary. Luckily I decided to check out the content before giving it to my daughter, so we avoided a tantrum. There's always a little bit of powdery stuff on the toys too, possibly from the cardboard boxes or for having to sit in some storage facility or truck before delivery, so I got into the habit of opening the boxes when I'm alone and cleaning everything. The baby loves her new books! I usually divide the crates into smaller portions and take them out whenever we're stuck at home alone, so the sense of wonder and novelty lasts a bit longer. For example, for these 3 books, I let her find one of them in a box on the bed one night, along with the plushie. Then a week later I put the plushie back in the box with the second book and she was thrilled that her new friend paid her a visit, and I'm planning on using the birthday themed book when we're nearing her birthday. I wish there was an other set with more books and cricket's friends and grandma plushies too, I'm sure she'd love them!

May 7 2021

I bought this for our future grandson ( arriving August 2021). Mom loved it and big brother is happy to keep the cricket safe until his new brother gets here. sweet stories and beautiful pictures.