Chemistry & Science


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Chemistry Play Lab


Science of Cooking: Ice Cream


Giant Bubbles


Oil + Water Chemistry


Bubbling Cauldron


Puking Pumpkin Science


Colorful Chemistry


Science of Cooking: Bread & Butter



Young Chemist (3-Pack)


Crystal Chemistry Garden


Bottle Rocket


Bubble Machine


Slime Circuits


Animal Bath Bombs


Glow Lab


Electrochemistry Lab



Bath Bombs (2-Pack)


Atom Bead Maze


Vortex Lab




Chalkboard & Glow Slime


Planet Bath Bombs


Fire Lab


Getting Started with Chemistry Sets & Kits

Kids can grow their science skills with chemistry sets that spark their imagination and add fizzy awesomeness to their day! As they gain creative confidence through bubbly projects and easy-to-follow instructions, they'll gain the skills and curiosity to keep growing with chemistry.

Our chemistry sets prep you and your young scientist for an engaging, educational experience every time!